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This email forum lets you ask questions, receive information and share knowledge with around 800 parents and professionals in and around Surrey.


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The NAS Surrey Branch email group is open to people living in Surrey or surrounding areas including London south of the Thames. This group welcomes parents / carers; adults with autistic spectrum disorders and professionals who work with people with ASDs. The purposes of the group are:
1. To be a support group for parents and others involved in the care of children and adults with autistic spectrum disorders or similar conditions in Surrey.
2. As a mechanism for exchanging information on local events, issues or resources.

The group is moderated and only subscribers can post to the list. There are about 800 members from in and around Surrey.

Group members include professionals, parents, and people with ASD's. THIS MAY INCLUDE PROFESSIONALS WHO MAY KNOW YOU, or recognise you from the details of your posting.

Professionals are encouraged to join in discussions – but should note rule 6 below.


1. To protect group members' privacy and allow us to say what we wish without concern, postings should not be shared with people who are not group members without the consent of everyone referred to in the post. If given permission to share a post, do not forward it, but instead cut and paste the information into a new email. Check whether a mailing has been sent to you privately or from the group, and reply appropriately. A private post may contain something for your eyes only, not for the whole group. Always post your address or phone number privately.

2. Flaming and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Any person sending such messages will be removed from the group. Constructive criticism is welcomed, and there are bound to be differences of opinion on topics - but stay polite! Re-read your posting before pressing the send button, and revise if necessary. Keep any personal disagreements off this group.  Please do not use this group to name and criticise other individuals as it may leave us open to legal action.

3. There is a fine line between decency and obscenity. We're not going to tell you where it is. If you can't figure out where it is then you should think twice before hitting the 'send' button. Repeated use of strong language is discouraged. However humour is essential here – often our sanity relies on it!

4. Messages should be broadly related to the topic of Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Messages considered as off-topic by the moderators may be rejected. Attachments are permitted, but only in PDF format.

5. When replying, please reduce quoting to a minimum, preferably 4 or 5 lines maximum.  Replies just saying “thank you” or “I agree” with nothing more added should be avoided, as large numbers of such messages irritate members. So please do not send individual emails to the group just thanking one person for their reply to your question, unless you have more to say. Please wait until you have received a number of replies and send one email to the group thanking everyone for their replies, or send individual “thank you” emails privately.

6. Blatant advertising or spamming is not permitted. This means that members who provide fee-paying services or have goods such as books or other products on sale are not permitted to advertise through this group. However, an exception to this rule can be made if a member asks for information about a service or product which you provide. Registered charities and statutory service providers may use this group to publicise their activities within reason, as long as they are relevant to children/adults with ASDs or their families.

7. The advertising that appears at the end of each mail message is inserted by the list distribution company Yahoo who provide this service for free. The adverts do not imply endorsement of any product by the NAS Surrey Branch or any group member.

8. Please configure your auto-responder to ensure that messages to the group are not automatically responded to when you are on holiday etc.

9. The group moderators reserve the right to edit or remove any posting, or remove any member from the group.

10. If you have any queries or complaints, please contact the administrators/moderators:

John Muggleton at
Sara Truman at
Emma Whitfield at

To unsubscribe from the group simply send an e-mail to: